Cotton free Kit
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  •  Big vapor mini disposable cig 

    1. 1 year warranty 
    2. 300 puffs big vapor 
    3. cheap factory price 
    4.  paypal user

    Big vapor mini tank  disposable cig 300puffs with no wick and no cotton
    USA hot sale disposable cigelectronic,very health quite somking products, quite somking cigarettes-worldwide shipping Best selling e Thin pen shaped /true smoking shaped disposable e-cig from ecigmanufacturer OEM is available 

    Best selling Disposable cig electronic

    1.200mah big power
    2.300puffs big vapor
    3. cheap factory price 
    4. paypal user

    long battery life e-cig disposable e-cig 2014 newest products

    disposable electronic cigarettes (3 kinds puff)

    puff mah weight working voltage         OHM                      Length Diameter
    800 puff 350mah 13g 3.0-4.2V           2.5-2.8ohm            134mm 9.2mm
    600 puff 280MAH 11g 3.0-4.2V           2.5-2.8ohm            120.5mm 9.2mm
    300 puff 200MAH  8g 3.0-4.2V            2.5-2.8ohm 87mm   9.2mm
    1 cartomizer is equal to 25 real cigarettes
    Can supply a bigger hit for heavy smokers and no burning smell .
    Big vapor ,big vapor and big vapor   disposable electronic cigarette 300 puffs 
    1 Huge vapor and 200mah big battery 
    2 smoke for 300 puffs 
    3 good Quality and Factory End offer

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